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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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from the surviving staff members of "charlie hebdo." and after your 11 consecutive spare the air days not today. better air quality will continue through midweek. it's going to be sunny and mild just about every day this week and rain on the way for the weekend. we'll show you where and when those showers will first start in your full forecast. but for now we will just deal with, we're dealing with the fog but a live picture at the bay bridge, at least we can see the lights in full effect right now. christina will let you know what the driving conditions will be like near you. it's tuesday, january the 13th. you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. first a warning for drivers, the south bay is inundated with fog, making for a very dangerous commute. let's check in with
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meteorologist christina loren has a look at when we might see some clearing. when will it burn off? >> it will burn off, between 9:00 and 11:00 so after the morning rush hour. we know you have to get to work, you have the precious cargo taking the kids to school, give yourself as much time as possible. the conditions are dangerous and in oakland, you're dealing with hundreds of feet of visibility and that's it, typically this time of the morning you can see for five miles or better. i'm really concerned about san jose all the way up the peninsula to mountain view. that's where we have the thickest fog right now, drifting around. the fog does not remain stationary. we'll keep updating you on visibility, give yourself extra time and travel cautiously. more on your forecast and traffic coming up. back to you sam and laura. >> 5:01. three south bay girls are recovering after overdosing on something so common you probably have some in your medicine cabinet. >> nannette miranda is live in
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morgan hill with more on triple c. >> reporter: parents received a note telling them about a new fad called triple c kids are taking to get high. that after three eighth graders had to be hospitalized web they overdosed on cough, cold and congestion medicine, the triple c as it's known on the street. the girls took up to 12 tablets and were affected. too much can cause hallucination and intoxication. kids think the meds are safe but in excess dosages they are not. there is a risk of organ damage. triple c is a new trend across the country, not just in morgan hill, not just in california. kids are learning about it through social media. the problem is so concerning, the food and drug administration is considering putting certain cold meds back on its controlled list. meanwhile, the girls are going to be okay, but may face
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disciplinary action. live in morgan hill, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. hundreds of people gathered in san francisco for a vigil to remember the lives of four young men. >> all of us matter. all of us matter. >> people marched from the western edition to hayes valley last night in an emotional show of support for the four men, ages 19 to 22, were shot and killed friday night. police are calling it a gang-related shooting. the men were sitting in a stolen car. the families say they were not gang members. they're pleading for someone to turn the shooters in. 5:03 right now, protesters planning on gathering outside a santa cruz city hall in response to the city's recent approval of an armored police truck. protest is being planned by theory source center for nonviolence. the city accepted a grant from homeland security department last month to pay for this armored vehicle. critics say it's the same kind of vehicle used against protesters in ferguson, missouri, after the police
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shooting death of michael brown. they say the truck looks like a tank, but the city told santa cruz reporters it was made specifically for law enforcement. happening today, state attorney general kamala harris plans to announce a run for the u.s. senate seat that will be left behind by barbara boxer next year. >> previously all kinds of speculation about what her political future would hold. stephanie huang is live in san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. we're not only talking about politic political thrives but roots. she's serving her second term at california attorney general, we're in front of her office on golden gate avenue in san francisco. she became the first african-american and first south asian american to hold this office in the state history. harris started her career in the almeida county district attorney's office before joining the san francisco da office
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where she was elected twice in 2003 and 2007. harris expected to announce her candidacy for the u.s. senate seat on social media sometime this morning. our political analyst larry gersten says she has a lot of work to do. >> cop servives won't like her, republicans and independents many won't like her. democrats, many of them will like her. >> the other name to fill the seat was lieutenant governor gav gavin newsom said he will not run for governor. carlie fiorina, who lost to boxer in 2010, congressman darrell issa and people love to talk about condoleezza rice. lot of buzz. coming up in the next report, how much it takes for kamala
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harris or anyone else who wants to fill the seat in order to run, we'll talk some numbers in 30 minutes. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> you mentioned big name republicans. interesting to see if a republican candidate can make a push for a california senate seat. >> no doubt they'll try. this morning the pentagon will figure out how hackers claiming to be affiliated with isis managed to take over the government's social media accounts and steal document. hackers gained access to the twitter and youtube accounts yesterday and got information about some of the people who work there. they even released more than a half a dozen document, some with the home addresses of retired generals. the pentagon shut town the account and regained control last night. it says none of the documents were classified but the accounts were hacked while president obama was giving a speech about cyber security. the french police continuing their search for a number of associates of the "charlie hebdo" gunmen. this as funerals under way for victims killed in the shooting at the kosher market in paris.
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>> chris hansen joins us in studio. any new leads? >> there are a number of developments, we'll start with the search for the woman you'll see in the video in the veil. authorities say it appears that hay y hayat boumeddiene left paris before the attack. she is now deep in syria and said to be in a town under isis control and virtually out of law enforcement's reach for now. she is just one of six people that are being sought in connection with the attacks in paris. meanwhile the funeral for the four victims of the kosher deli attack are today all four were french jews and being laid to arest in israel. jewish schools and synagogues in france are under heavy protection this morning. the prime minister is deploying 10,000 troops and police nationwide and this is the most ever seen when it is not war time. in the u.s., security also high
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because of the attack that you mentioned earlier, the cyber attack, this at the jewish museum in new york along with other federal buildings around the nation, concerns related to the hacks on the pentagon's twitter and youtube accounts in which there were threats against u.s. soldiers. while all of this is happening, the remaining staff of "charlie hebdo" continues to toil over their next edition. they will print it. it will be released and we'll talk more about that in the next half hour. also we'll take you live to washington, d.c. for more on the fallout of who showed up at that big show of support in france this weekend. >> a lot of grief globally this morning. health officials say seven more people who went to disneyland or came into contact with somebody who did have now come down with the measles. new cases were confirmed yesterday bringing tote ale to 26 people sickened in four different states. 22 of those cases come from california. officials say most of the
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patients visited disneyland or disney california adventure last month and others got it after coming into contact with people who went to disneyland. bank, market and casino in southern california among the locations where the public may have come into contact with an infected person. 5:09 right now. we've been talking about the fog out there, everybody is talking about that and driving a little slow. >> scott mcgrew got this video capital expressway northwest of 87 and you can see very dangerous conditions driving through, you have really low visibility, the south bay looks to be the worst, so you know what? we're going to get to your drive in a moment. mike has the day off. let's start with your weather conditions because the fog will be a factor at least in the next few hours. 46 degrees in the south bay, at 46 to kick off the day in the east bay. thick fog drifting around just about everywhere, the lightest fog that we're seeing is at the immediate coastline, through your inland valley spots where we are socked in and this fog is
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only going to get worse before it gets better. take a look at this, this is 880 through fremont, where you is hardly make out the commuters in the distance. from time to time, you see people driving much slower than the speed limit as we urge you to do this morning, because you just can't see for more than 200 feet in many spots across the bay area. this is 101 at 280 through the south bay and san jose, where we already have multiple crashes this morning, we have upindicates to both of those incidents. northbound 87 at skyport, there was an accident earlier. looks like the crash cleared but as a result we don't know for sure but the traffic signal is out at bottom of the ramp, that's a dangerous situation. remember, treat that as a four-way stop and be courteous to the other drivers on the road with these conditions. northbound 280 at 87, another incident blocking the right-hand lane. tow truck is on the scene, hopefully cleared soon. we have a lag effect around that traffic, already slowing around one incident. we'll keep you updated all morning long.
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stick with us. back to you, sam and laura. >> christina wearing a couple different hats this morning. come up, people living in a mobile home park on the peninsula will finally get their day in court. >> if you have plans to send your child to a uc school you're not alone. the latest numbers next. ♪
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good tuesday morning to you. despite looming tuition hikes, a record number of students still want to go to uc schools. according to the "l.a. times," more than 193,000 students applied for at least one of uc's nine undergraduate campuses for this fall, that's a 5.8% increase over the number of applicants for last fall and for the first time, more than a third of those applicants are latino. more than 34% of the applicants were latino this year compared with 32% last year. >> it is 5:14 right now. the ntsb has a most wanted list not for criminals, it's for ways to make you safer as you travel. scott mcgrew a top ten most wanted. >> the agency will unveil it at 7:00 a.m. our time today. it is worth keeping in mind when it comes to airplanes the ntsb can ask for all it wants but it's the if, aa that makes the rules which means sometimes there's tension between the two agencies. for instance the ntsb suggested
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putting cameras in cockpits and the faa said no. the ntsb handles all kinds of things beyond airplanes, including trains, as we found out with the pg&e disaster they handle pipelines as well. landon dowdy, good morning. >> good morning to you. futures are higher as the markets look to snap the recent slid. the energy sector leading the line it monday as oil prices dropped to their lowest levels since 2009 and down again today trading below $45 a barrel. there's no major economic data today but investors may focus on some earnings news as aluminum giant alcoa reported positive results last night. the dow falling 96 points to 17,640. back over to you. >> thank you much. president obama has called more protection against hacks and more privacy for the nation's school students.
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the president made that call during his speech at the federal trade comission calling for a 0-day deadline for stores to warn you those data has been hacked, laws that california already has. >> if we're going to be connected then with he need to be protected. as americans we shouldn't have to forfeit our basic privacy when we go online to do our business. >> the president also calls for laws that would prevent educational companies that supply computers and programs to schools from marketing to your children. again, a law that california, guys, already has, in fact the president mentioned the california law. that one may not make its way through congress, but a couple of companies have gotten together, they have a coalition to agree to those rules anyway, but the president would like to have an actual physical law. >> got to appreciate that report. you're the tech expert of course. computers may understand human behavior better than you think. >> a new study finds a computer
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can accurately judge personality traits by facebook likes. people who like dr. who and wikipedia are more shy and reserved. er have cess those who like chanel are competitive. >> they needed ten facebook likes to judge the personality better than a co-worker would. thousands signed up to be part of the my personality project on facebook, so some interesting stuff to glean from that. what would they find if they looked at our facebook page and checked out the likes. real love of taylor swift, there's nothing wrong with that. >> i'm going to shake it off, i'm going to shake it off this time for you. she's a likeable young lady, done a lot of good things. >> talented. >> and i think we can all agree quite beautiful. >> she's lovely looking, yes. >> oh. i enjoyed hearing those words from your mouth. good morning to you, sam.
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if that didn't wake you up, i have a good news/bad news scenario in the weather department. start with the good news, we are not sparing the air for today. we're in the good to moderate range, coming off where we spared the air for 1 days. the fog could slow you down so give yourself ample time to reach your destination safely. we really want to you be safe out there this morning and the fog is dangerous in some spots across the bay area. 63 degrees later on today in san francisco, 65 on the east shore and 64 degrees in the south bay. what you'll notice is most of our temperatures will end up in the mid-60s with the exclusion of the north bay. you're going to hit 70 degrees today. what a beautiful day, also a lot cleaner when it comes to the pollution levels so enjoy it. get outdoors if you can. we might be sparing the air again towards the end of the week. here is the deal as we head throughout the next couple days, we'll stay nice and dry, really comfortable out there and the rain moves in late saturday into
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sunday, monday into tuesday, a little bit more rain on the way. we're not expecting anything heavy. maybe three-quarters of an inch out of the two systems combined up in the north bay. nonetheless we need every single drop we can take and as we head through the second half of the month it looks like we're going to have rain chances every single week so let's switch gears now. mike has the day off. i miss him already. you probably do, too, but let's start with your drive and i can tell you the only incidents we have are in the south bay, so that's okay, but the fog is drifting around just about all of your inland valley spots. give yourself extra time trivalley on the east shore, give yourself extra time through oakland. northbound 87 at skyport we told but this crash and we told you the traffic light is out at the bottom of the ramp. now we have a new report, live wires in the area, so you probably want to avoid this area all together if you can. if you have to take the exit, make sure, i mean make sure you travel cautiously, remember to treat that situation as a four-way stop.
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northbound 280 at 87 the crash is clearing. get the tow truck on the scene, and as of right now these are the only two incidents we're following but with the fog so thick i do believe we'll likely see more crashes this morning, peop if people don't take it oozy. residents of a mobile home park in palo alto will have their day in court. the city council decided to allow an appeal over the closure of the buena vista mobile home park. if the park closes, some 400 residents, mostly low income families, will be given compensation to help with relocation costs but they say they don't want to leave. "the mercury news" reporting that appeal will be heard sometime in april. >> it is 5:0. >> coming up a death row inmate takes his case to court arguing
5:21 am
he believes they will botch the execution. the celebration of the buckeyes win over the oregon ducks gets out of control. we'll have a look coming up. just a little while ago we could see so much cloud cover in the san bruno shot. it illustrates how the fog is out there, it moved around so be very careful. it's pretty dense on the roadways out there. be careful as you head out the door.
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coming up on 5:24 on your monday -- excuse me, on your tuesday morning. you do get credit for that first day of the week. this is the san mateo bridge. it is hard to see much of anything right now as you can tell because that fog is really thick this morning, christina keeping a close eye on that. two alberrer can key police
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officers are being charged with murder in the shooting death of a homeless man last month. officers accused the homeless man of illegal camping and ordered him to surrender. he was armed with knives and a history of violent encounters with police. lawyer for one of the officers says there is not one shred of evidence that supports the case and the officer had no criminal intent when he encountered that man. a murderer on death row in oklahoma is appealing his case to the supreme court after a botched lethal injection in the state last year. charles warner and several other death row inmates argue the state is using cruel and unusual punishment because the sedative used during lethal injections may not always work. in april of last year an inmate regained consciousness during his execution. investigators determined it was the result of an improperly placed iv. federal appeals court rejected warner's appeal. it is not the kind of celebration you'd like to see police in riot gear using tear
5:25 am
gas to break up crowds following ohio state's national title win over the oregon ducks last night. revelers set several small fires in the streets of columbus, following the buckeyes win. that game was played in dallas but thousands watched from bars in columbus and then spilled into the streets afterwards to celebrate. columbus play say about 8,000 students forced their way into ohio state's football stadium tearing down a goal post. police arrested a number of people. the buckeyes beat the ducks in the actual game, they clobbered them 42-20. a follow-up on the massive fire in los angeles that gutted an apartment building last month. the damage estimates from the fire could triple. the fire destroyed about half of the apartment complex, its 520 units, causing about $30 million in damage. that figure doesn't include the six-story building next door that was significantly damaged as well. investigators believe someone set the december 8th fire on purpose, though no arrests have
5:26 am
been made. a warning this morning for those with a peanut allergy. if you purchased black bean burgers made by morning star, throw it away or return it to the store. two vegetarian frozen pattis are being recalled because they may contain peanuts which were not listed on the product's box. those products are spicy and chipotle black bean burgers with expiration dates of june 30th 2016. so far no illnesses have been reported. >> it's 5:26. coming up the race to replace a legendary u.s. senator is taking shape. the early spin on the rising star, throwing her hat into the ring for 2016. and dozens marching in san francisco to remember four men shot and killed as they sat in a car. the search for the gunmen. the latest coming up next. you may have to search a little bit to find your way through the fog this morning. you see it hovering over places of the bay bridge as we watch the morning commute. christina pulling double duty today, weather and traffic all in one. won't want to miss it. it's 5:46.
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it's used to treat the common cold but three south bay students had to be taken to the hospital after school officials say they took too much cough medicine on purpose. plus a show of defiance and perhaps a moment of triumph from the surviving staff members of "charlie hebdo." and we don't have to spare the air today which is good news. we're on your way to a new all-time record. better air quality today and tomorrow but that fog is thick. we're going to show you where it's getting worse before it will get better. good news is sunny and mild through friday and rain on the way. full details on your forecast in just moments. >> with all that knowing around you may not be able to spare a kif commute this morning.
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this is january 13th, tuesday, 2015, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. funerals for some of the victims of the paris terror attacks will be held today. >> three police officers will be laid to rest and few jewish folks killed in the supermarket attack will be buried in israel. the white house is also apologizing this morning for not having a stronger presence at sunday's unity march in paris. >> they should have sent somebody with a high procedure file to march not just the u.s. ambassador to france. in a gesture of defiance the magazine at the center of the attacks, "charlie hebdo," will feature the prophet muhammad on its front page shows him holding up a sign is athank says je suis charlie with the words "all is
5:31 am
forgiven" written in french above it. a well who claims to be the partner of the magazine's editor will not attend the funeral. she wishes she had within the one who died in the attack last week. she released photos of charbonnier with her daughter who she says called her dad. coming up, how the obama administration is reacting to the attacks. back in the bay, 5:31 and a south bay middle school is warning maris about a dangerous new trend among teenagers. >> it's called triple c and sent three eighth graders to the hospital. good morning, nannette. >> good morning, laura. the new craze is one more thing parents have to worry about, so keep an eye on your cold meds. britton middle school in morgan
5:32 am
hill recently sent home notes telling families about three eighth grade students had to be hospitalized after each took up to a dozen so-called one-a-day tablets for cough, cold and congestion. on the street that's called a triple c. too much of that causes intoxication and hallucinations. kids take triple c to get high thinking the pills are safe but can cause organ damage in large quantities. school principal glen webb says the three hospitalized dwirlz were noticeably affected. kids are finding out about triple c through social media. the problem is so concerning the feds might put certain cold meds back on its controlled list. the girls are cooperating with school officials in this investigation, but may face disciplinary action, but the good news out of all this is that the girls are going to be okay. >> hopefully they'll learn the lesson as well.
5:33 am
state attorney general kamala harris will officially announce a run to the u.s. senate, looking to take over barbara boxer's seat in 2016. >> stephanie chuang joins us in san francisco, talking about somebody who already made state history. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, laura and sam. she's serving her second term as the state's top law enforcement officer, top lawyer, and this is her office here in san francisco at golden gate avenue. kamala harris became the first black and first south asian-american to be elected to this office in state history. she has deep bay area roots and political ties, born in oakland, then went to law school at uk hastings in berkeley. in 2007 voters elected her as the city county's district attorney. our political analyst larry gersten harris has an uphill
5:34 am
climb. >> when you're talking about particularly women and people of color who have yet to really achieve parity with white males -- >> reporter: now for harris or any other person who wants to run for this u.s. senate seat, it's pretty expensive. we're talking an estimated $50 million, that's how much a serious candidate will need to make this run for boxer's seat, according to gersten. it will reduce the number of serious candidates to three to four for each political party and collectively the candidates are expected to raise and spend close to $1 billion for this race. so harris expected to announce her candidacy sometime on social media today. in terms of who she may face, we'll talk to some of the people coming up in our next report in about half an hour. live in san francisco, stephanie
5:35 am
chuang, "today in the bay." >> price tags of elections keep going up and up. what about gavin newsom? news of harris' potential run comes on the heels of a statement by the lieutenant governor of california saying he would not run for barbara boxer's senate seat. he says he has "unfished work" in california. many believe he is planning to run for governor in 2018 when jerry brown's term's out. we're learning more about four young men shot and killed in san francisco last friday. 19-year-old yalani chinamurindi was working as a model. 20-year-old david saucier, 21-year-old harith atchan and 22-year-old manuel o'neal were also killed. police are calling it a gang shooting but people who know them say they were on a better road. >> the one who just jumped in the car, he was on his break from benihana's. >> my brother is 19.
5:36 am
people always want to take a stand when their children die, when their family die. take a stand for life! >> a lot of pain. four men were sitting in a stolen car friday night when they were shot in hayes valley. investigators have not made any arrests. an entire community responding last night hundreds of people marched from the western edition to hayes valley to commemorate the lives of the four men. stopping at the site of the shooting. at a prayer vigil, community leaders and political leaders pleaed for someone to turn the shooters in. the task force is helping with the investigation. a dirty cop scandal rocked the east bay, now the subject of a book called "the setup" and tells a story of private investigator chris butler and conta costa norman we will. the two convicted of dealing drugs and other crimes and serving time in federal prison.
5:37 am
the author happened on the book after writing a magazine feature in 2011. crook says he's already approached about making that book into a movie. we have a story to tell this morning and it is keep your eyes peeled on the road and carefully because there is an obstacle out there in the form of lots of fog this morning, christina? >> it's not staying stationary this morning, good morning to you, sam and laura, everybody at home, it's one of the mornings you want to give yourself extra time, travel cautiously. we have a healthy space cushion between you and the car in front of you and also want to keep your eyes and ears peeled because it's that dangerous. look at oakland right now down to 0.13 of a mile. you consider a mile 50 to 80 feet, you're talking about maybe 600 feet of visibility in oakland. keep that in mind, it will be a rough drive for you. it's thicker in central valley. headed to fresno dangerous
5:38 am
conditions. lot of fog will be clearing the bay area as we head through 9:00 a.m. at the immediate coast. that's the case up and down the peninsula as well. fog through the south bay and trivalley, napa valley and santa rosa until 11:00 a.m. this morning. temperatures can't that bad, kind of mild, temperatures mostly in the 40s to start, 36 degrees in the east bay and same for the south bay, nice mild start with a mild finish with a lot of sunshine for the second half of the day once we see the fog burn off. it's going to take a while and we're already seeing multiple incidents at this point. we don't know if they're fog related but i wouldn't doubt it. here's the deal. couple new ones to report. mike has the day off, i'm doing double duty. 680 both ways at washington boulevard we have two incidents, northbound a big rig with a crane blocking the right-hand lane. southbound an suv in the shoulder with a person trying to change a tire. so you really want to take at
5:39 am
easy, with that reduced visibility it's hard to make out anything so travel cautiously through there. what a dangerous situation. westbound 580 before flint we have a disabled vehicle blocking the center lane. grant line is not a good alternate, there's another crash at altamont. we'll keep you updated, back to you, sam and laura. >> thank you very much. 5:39. coming up, the latest on the terrorist attacks this as france mourning the u.s. taking new action to defend potential targets. plus why investigators think an overnight fire near the penn state station in new york city was set on purpose. and a live look outside san francisco, and the bay bridge, all lit up, people are out. it is tuesday, january the 13th, and we are just getting started this morning. we're going to have 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather right after this break.
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o. a downtown look at san jose as that fog is still present this morning. we're waiting for it to burn off. it might be a couple of hours. jáuátq(uáh @r(t&háhp &hc continues this morning as victims are laid to rest. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins with that, the new edition of "charlie hebdo" expected to come out now. >> the latest edition is due out tomorrow. surviving staff working under armed protection. the cover pictures muhammad weeping with a sign saying je suis charlie. some continue to question the u.s.'s show of support after a weekend unity march in paris.
5:43 am
we turn to tracie potts in washington, d.c. the white house apologized and said we made a mistake, we should have sent somebody more high profile. where does this go from here? >> probably nowhere. the white house spokesman said look, in hindsight looking back at the impact you couldn't miss the visual of leaders with locked hands and the u.s. noticeably missing. the u.s. ambassador far back in the crowd. they said we should have sent someone in addition to the ambassador. is there going to be any repercussion? france's ambassador says no, no hard feelings is the way he put it, not really a big deal. the french press though on the other hand is having a bit of a field day that the fact the u.s. wasn't there, the obama administration is taking some criticism for not recognizing up front that it would have been
5:44 am
important to have someone a key person from the administration right on the front lines at that march. >> hindsight's 20/20, right, tracie? thank you very much. another development the funeral is being held for the brothers who carried out that attack in paris. their funeral is in pakistan by a group that calls them heroes of islam. this is on the same day that the four victims of the kosher deli attack in the market are laid to rest in israel and the three police officers who were killed on the day of the attack of the "charlie hebdo" magazine will also be laid to rest, they will be laid to rest in paris. the search continues for this woman, the woman seen here in the veil. authorities say it appears hayat boumeddiene is the wife of the man who attacked the kosher market in paris, she left before the attack happened. though she was tracked on her voyage out she is deep in syria
5:45 am
in a town said to be under isis control and virtually out of law enforcement's reach. she is just one of six people that police are searching for in connection with those attacks. in france, there have not been as many troops and police on the streets since wartimes. under particular protection, jewish schools and synagogues in france. the prime minister deployed 10,000 troops to police and in the u.s. security is high at the jewish museum in new york along with other federal buildings around the nation. the concern related to the hacks on the pentagon's twitter and youtube accounts that threatened soldiers and published isis propaganda video. more coming up in about 15 minutes. >> a lot to take in, thank you very much, kris. divers have recorded the second flight box from 8501. the cockpit voice recorder was freed from beneath one of the plane's wings. analysts from jakarta will
5:46 am
download the data hoping that reveal crew comments that might explain why the jet crashed. only 48 bodies have been recovered so far. a fire that started under new york's penn station may have been set on purpose. more than 100 firefighters battled that fire that took over two levels at a construction site at the station earlier this morning. trains coming in and out of the station were delayed and reopened hours later. two firefighters were hurt. the fire caused considerable structural damage to the station. >> the ntsb is investigating its subway train accident in washington, d.c., right now, that left one woman dead and dozens more injured. smoke from an electrical fire in the subway tunnel filled the train heading to virginia yesterday. some passengers were trapped for as long as 40 minutes before they could get out. dozens suffered smoke inhalation and three are in critical condition. >> there was a gentleman who went into seizures. there were two unconscious
5:47 am
people that i saw pulled off the train by good march samaritans carrying them. lot of people were coughing. >> the fire was causeded by an electricity related problem. watch the water gushing from this water main break, it breaks down the gas station's awning and roof, it happened at a phillips station in tulsa, oklahoma, yesterday. security cameras captured the whole thing. water shot 30 feet into the air. luckily no one was hurt. the break was apparently triggered by bad weather rolling through the midwest. 5:47 right now. we are not out of the woods just yet western it concerns our air. we had a spate of spare the air days. >> we were on track to break an all-time record for the most consecutive spare the air days.
5:48 am
i thank the bay area air quality macment district. thank you so much for calling me yesterday and letting me know we would not be sparing the air, i really appreciate when public information officers reach out to us. sometimes we don't have time to do it, we have a lot going on in the newsroom so thank you. remember you can always get to us on twitter and facebook. this morning, the good news is, we're back to good to moderate air quality all across the board, still a little bit hazy once the fog burns off. i believe we'll see sunshine and the beautiful green hills surrounding the santa clara valley and also through the trivalley as we get into this afternoon. temperatures will be mild today, 64 degrees in the south bay, 4 degrees on the peninsula. the east bay will hit 65 degrees. look at how bad that fog is here through fremont. this is 880 through fremont, where you can see extended stay america sign vaguely. you have hundreds of feet of visibility and that's about it this morning. so please take it easy. you saw that 70-degree temperature for the north bay later on today.
5:49 am
it will be nice out there, once we get through with this fog. making your way home from work temperatures nice and comfortable. we're unseasonably warm. an uptrend will continue this week into the weekend before we get a new pattern change, rain on the way saturday to sunday. mostly expecting precipitation from the first storm system, up in the north bay a lot of activity to the north of the golden gate bridge until we hit the next system tuesday and wednesday into next week, should provide generous rainfall totals to the south bay. we might pick up a tenth to quarter of an ampbl and we really need it. i want to show you 101 at 280 through san jose. you can see starting to stack up, the volume is increasing and in addition to that volume, you do have that really thick fog so this is only going to get worse before it gets better, just after sunrise, we should start to see the situation improve. i show you the wide look here. we are only seeing incidents causing delays at this point, otherwise it's normal when it comes to your commute. you still want to give yourself extra time out there, especially
5:50 am
if you have to take the little ones to school. 680 both ways at washington boulevard, northbound 680 a big rig with a crane blocking the right-hand lane causing delays and usually you can take grant line as an alternate but that's not a good one for you through 580 this morning. you take 580 two things will slow you down, disabled vehicle in the worst place possible, the center lane, also a crash at grant line, excuse me on grant line at altamont so that is not a good alternate. you just have to wait. we'll let you know as soon as it clears. chp is on the way to the scene. back to you, sam and laura. we also have a warning for those with a peanut energy. if you purchased black bean burgers made by morning star, you need to just throw them away or return it to the store. two vegetarian frozen pattis are being recalled because they may contain peanuts which were not listed on the box. those are spicy and chipotle
5:51 am
black bean burgers with expiration dates of june 30th, 2016. luckily no illnesses have been reported. health officials say seven more people who went to disneyland or came into contact with somebody who did have come down with the measles. new cases were confirmed yesterday, bringing the total to 26 people sickened in just four states. 22 of those come from california. officials say most of the patients visited disneyland or disney california adventure last month. others got it after coming into contact with people who went to disneyland. bank, a market and casino in southern california all among the locales where the public may have come into contact with an infected person. a new study shows many americans are misusing aspirin on doctor's orders. researchers lookeded athe records of nearly 70,000 people and concluded 12% were prescribed the drugs unnecessarily. low dose aspirin is used to lower the risk of heart trouble
5:52 am
or stroke but in people who haven't had a first heart attack or stroke, the risk can outweigh the potential benefit. those risks include intestinal bleeding and bleeding in the brain. the study was published in "journal of american college of cardiology." if you are a frequent flyer with united or american, probably a good idea to check out your rewards account, because the miles you wracked up might not be there anymore. the airline says hackers broke into accounts last month booking free trips and upgrades with the extra miles. american airlines was hit the hardest with 10,000 accounts compromised. the affected accounts are frozen while the airlines look to restore it. a cost-cutting effort could impact nearly 2,000 workers, jobs include baggage handlers and gate and customer service agents.
5:53 am
while the list of airports san jose mine ta airport is on the list. it's unclear how much the airline will save through outsourcing. workers have the option to transfer to other airports based on seniority. later today united and its union will negotiate on ways to keep workers within the airline. chevy is rethinking its plug-in hybrid the volt, let me get this straight. scott mcgrew, volt with a v. >> volt with a v. we're going to talk about the volt in minute. the volt is chevy's plug-in hybrid. i don't do car reviews but i own a plug-in hybrid it's not the volt. make your own conclusions there. not a lot of people like the volt. go, m i the detroit auto show gm unveiled an updated volt changing things. people complained about the plasticy interior. it's also much bigger as well.
5:54 am
that's the volt. now on to the bolt, chevy's new electric car. we showed you a picture monday but here we have video. this is still a concept car but said to go 200 miles on a single charge and it will cost $30,000. chevy's plan is to compete with the tesla model three, a lower cost tesla. in a way it's terrible timing when gas prices it be to fall. yesterday a new forecast said oil would fall below $41 a barrel. on average, gasoline prices have fallen a penny a day for months. were that to continue nonstop and of course it won't, but were it to, gas would be free by august. it's not going to happen, but it does make you not really want to run out and buy on electric car. sam and laura, we actually look at the data, electric cars in general are not very popular. teslas are popular, particularly in northern california. >> i was going to say particularly northern california. >> were we going to bolt
5:55 am
anywhere we'd pbuy tesla? >> that's right. those looking to lose a few pounds this year, a few touches from your smartphone, called fit mom, it rolled out three months ago. the service costs $99 a month but users get access to 192 different gyms across the bay area. you can do bootcamp, zumba classes, even group workouts and it works by allowing the users to reserve a spot on their phones first like you might with lift or uber. the co-founder tells us he plans to expand across the country before going global. so you can go from work to zumba or home to zumba or whatever you want to do. >> as long as your day is centered around zumba at 192 locations, you should be good. 5:55 right now christina, doing both weather and traffic but your primary role here, checking out what's going on outside.
5:56 am
good morning. >> my primary role is to find out where i can get some zumba. thank you, guys. 44 degrees in the south bay, 45 on the peninsula, thick fog forcing delays across the bay area and that's going to be the case as we head throughout the next couple hours. please keep that in mind, give yourself extra time wherever you're headed you'll likely encounter dangerous fog. here is the good news. we're not sparing the air for today, 70 degrees is the high in the north bay. 5 in the east shore and 64 degrees in the south bay. why show you what's happening out there? here is the bay bridge, across the span, traffic is actually moving pretty nicely but that fog is slowly creeping up, soon to swallow that bridge, as we head throughout the 6:00 hour, we'll continue to update you there and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on at this point. the fog is going to slow you down no matter what. give yourself extra time. we'll keep you updated on nbc bay area.
5:57 am
>> please drive slow. >> maybe some exercise in traffic can help you turn off the stress. still ahead, they've been at it for almost three weeks now. sky climbers with yosemite with nothing but their hands and feet, inching closer to the top. we'll have a live report from yosemite coming up. the search for someone to replace barbara boxer. there's no shortage of candidates. the rising star with ties to the bay area vying for the seat planning to anews that today, coming up. and we continue to keep a live look across the bay area this morning, with the fog moving in, in many parts, moving around as well. be careful.
5:58 am
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right now it's 6:00. kamala harris set to announce her official bid for the u.s. senate sometime this morning. look at her political career coming up next. plus a disturbing and
6:00 am
growing trend, kids overdosing on purpose, the common medicine they're using to get high. good tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. finally not sparing the air today after a week and a half of doing so. we have rain on the way, with he'll talk about where and when in your full forecast. and a live look outside right now at the bay bridge. plenty fok still present as people make the commute back and forth today. it is tuesday, january the 13th, if you are watching "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. ? and i'm sam brock.


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